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Contact information Psychologists St. Maarten (Dutch side) 
who can provide psychological help:

You can find psychologists on different places, like schools or specific care organisations. If you need a clinical psychologist for assessment or therapy then the following members of APAP are available for you:

Psychologen praktijk Miranda
Phone number: +1721 5803114 

InterVision, Alexandra van Luijken:
Phone number: +1721 5883050

CVO Psychology, Caroline van Oost

Phone number: +1721 5541744

PCTC, Carmencita Chemont 

Phone number: +1721 5801977

Mental Health Foundation, Stephanie Haseth: 

Phone number: +1721 5421677, 

You need a referral from your house doctor and approval insurance if needed to get these sessions covered by your insurance. Got any questions about this? Contact one of the above mentioned members.

The recommended tariffs for psychological services are as following:

The Association of Psychologists and Allied Professionals St. Maarten strives to stimulate and provide quality psychological care to the people of Sint Maarten. 
We are there for you!