APAP SXM stands for: Alliance of Psychologists and Allied Professionals of St. Maarten.

Our goals are:

  • To promote the practice and professional development of psychology and related fields
  • To serve social and professional interests of psychologists and related professions on Sint Maarten (Dutch side).

How do we do that?

  1. We follow and inform each other of the standards in the needed degree to be active in the field of psychology to guarantee the professional expertise of our members
  2. We invest in collaboration in the professional development with training, supervision and following the latest developments in the workfield
  3. We invest together in establishing and maintaining of conduct of the profession of psychologists and related profession in the interest of proper professional ethics
  4. We build and maintain relationships with related organisations, both within and outside Sint Maarten
  5. We promote the education of psychology in Sint Maarten
  6. We provide information about psychology in Sint Maarten to different stakeholders
  7. We encourage and empower the study of scientific and professional aspects of the different specialization of psychology and promote the publication of writing on topics in the field of psychology and related topics.

APAP used to stand for the Association of Psychologists and Allied Professionals of St. Maarten and was established in 2016. We decided in 2021 to resolve the formal body of an association. The requirements and costs connected to upholding an association turned out to not be feasible to continue. We do still think it is important to continue as a group to work on above mentioned goals, so as a result of this the Alliance was born. 

Year reports and Year plans

Here you can find our Year reports & Year plans from the time we were still an association:

APAP year report 2018 + Plan 2019 docx

APAP year report 2019 + plan 2020 final version.docx

APAP 2020 Year Report + Plan 2021